VakaVT – Case Study Challenge

VakaVT is a case study competition that is hosted by The METU Productivity Club. In VakaVT, students from numerous departments and grades are invited to compete in teams of 3 by creating solutions towards the unique case studies that are provided by professional organizations. VakaVT challenges the participants in many different sectors and work areas which gives them the opportunity to utilize and broaden their knowledge. Furthermore, the competitors get to develop skills in one-to-one communication with organizations, decision making, teamwork and presentation. In addition, the contestants receive feedback from the qualified jury members after their case has been presented, and thus allowing them to develop their case study skills exceptionally.

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About Us

The Middle East Technical University Productivity Club was founded in 1992 and since then it has been incorporating students from all departments of METU. Our aim as a community is to be a leading student community with the differences we create, to provide information and experience flow between students, academics and business professionals and to contribute to the social and personal development of the audience.

METU Productivity Club is a community that organizes numerous events on creative and interesting topics that make an agenda every year with professionals from the business world and experts from the academic world. Every year 9 different projects are held by The METU Productivity Club and in these projects, more than 3000 students from Turkey and around the world are welcomed. Our events are held free of charge and sign language translators are available for the participants who require the need.