VakaVT is a case study competition that is hosted by The METU Productivity Club. In VakaVT, students from numerous departments and grades are invited to compete in teams of 3 by creating solutions towards the unique case studies that are provided by professional organizations. VakaVT challenges the participants in many different sectors and work areas which allows them to utilize and broaden their knowledge. Furthermore, the competitors get to develop skills in one-to-one communication with organizations, decision-making, teamwork, and presentation. In addition, the contestants receive feedback from the qualified jury members after their case has been presented and thus allowing them to develop their case study skills exceptionally.


The competitors should apply by entering their personal information and submitting their CVs on the application form that is available on VakaVT’s Website. After the applications are collected, a general reasoning test is sent to the teams by email, and the teams are asked to complete all the steps of this test within the determined deadline. The tests are then analyzed and evaluated, and the teams that are qualified for the final stage are selected. Afterward, an online case study is sent to these teams, and are asked to provide a solution and submit it in the designated period. After the cases are analyzed and evaluated by the sponsored company, 6 teams who are eligible to participate in the grand finale are determined and will be informed.


The teams who are eligible to participate in the final stage, to be held face-to-face in Ankara on 9-10-11 February, will work through 5 different case studies and 2 different workshops throughout the competition and make presentations to the jury.


At the end of the competition, the teams in first, second, and third place will receive prize awards. After the workshops and the case solutions are completed, the teams will receive internship opportunities and various surprise gifts from the sponsored organizations. Also, the team that received first place will win an MIM Scholarship from the top universities in Turkey.